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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 

                                     ~ Rumi

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Academy of Spirit

Helps Light Your Path to Spiritual Growth and Personal Developmennt

Your guide along this journey is

Spiritual Life Coach 

Rev. Wendy Mae

Meet Wendy

Spiritual Life Coach 

Wendy has been working professionally as a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner for 20+ years, and doing it casually for most of her life before that. Wendy was born with the gift of being able the know what Spirit wanted her to see from any situation. She didn't know that what she was "hearing, feeling and knowing" wasn't what everyone did until she was in her mid-30's, it came so naturally to her, she had no idea it was not normal for everyone.

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions by visiting Wendy's Work page.

The Basics of What We Teach

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 See Yourself In A Different Way 

You Are Capable of Being Everything You Desire and More!


Learn to Observe and Change Any Habits That Are Holding You Back

Learn to See Yourself as Capable of Anything


Learn How To Recieve Spirit's Communications to You


Anyone Can Once They Know How

Learn to Love Yourself No Matter What Your History Has Been


 It's Never Too Late


Become Accountable for Your Actions, Thoughts, and Intentions


Stop Other's From Hijacking Your Emotions

The Journey Along Your Path Begins By Acquiring the Basic Tools Needed For The Trip

No explorational journey is successful

without planning and preparing.


Most people believe that attending a class or reading a book is going to help them move along their path in self-develpment. Maybe it will, but more likely it won't. Everyone is different and while you have probably tried to understand and work with information provided in group settings or books, if it isn't designed for your specific needs then it isn't going to fit no matter how hard you try to make it fit. It's best to work with someone, like Wendy who can help you find resources that fir your needs exactly and will help you custom design your explorational journey.

Wendy has worked with hundreds of people over the 20+ years she has been in practice. They are each different and have different pasts but they have all been seeking self improvement, a better connection with their inner Spiritual-Self and the desire to feel better and do better in their life. 

Wendy connects directly with Spirit to bring messages to her clients in order to help guide them and teach them life skills and life managment tools based on the things that Spirit brings up to discuss for each individual client.