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Spiritual Life Coach

It wasn't until my mid-40's that I realized that the Life Coach that had been with me every step of the way through life was an unusual thing. I had been having "conversations" with a very wise and thoughful voice, that wasn't really a voice, in my head since I was a very young kid. That "voice" was the best teacher I had ever had and always helped me see things even when I didn't want to see them way they were being pointed out. I had always assumed that this communication was normal and that everyone had that sort of internal guidance. 


When my daughter began to talk she told stories of Papa and after several encounters I came to realize that she was refering to God, she had an extremely close relationship, in fact her closest, at age 2. She talked endlessly about what Papa had just told her and it was that dear, sweet innocent baby that helped me realize that what I had been "hearing" my whole life was in fact the Papa that she was talking about. It was shocking, humbling and awe-inspiring to me, but I knew I had to expand my awaeness in order to support my little girl and her incredible relationship with her Papa. 


When I was in conversation with friends or co-workers advice would just come out of my mouth. It was never stuff that I was thinking, it just flowed. People who didn't know me were often shocked by what I would say, but I was so unaware of what it was that most everyone just took the advice and went on their way.

In 2001 my then tween daughter and I attended Doreen Virtue's ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® course because I felt that the people there would be my daughter's kind of people and she would be able to relate to the material. I thought that I was going along just to chaperone since she was way to young to go to a many day, out of state, seminar alone. I did not feel that I had the unique talents that my daughter did.

As I sat in the back of the classroom listening I was shocked as they explained what it was like to "hear" or "feel" or in some way intuit the messages of Spirit. I'm sure I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I had been doing all of that hundreds of times a week since I was a tiny child and here I was in my mid-40's and just figuring out that I am talking with Spirit on a constant basis. 

I learned from that class, not by what was being presented by the teachers to the students but by what was being presented in my head directly from Spirit, that it was time for me to seriously 'Do God's Work' and to help others to find their path to be able to do the same.

I began my professional work just a few months later.


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