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All Appointments Are:

  • Conducted Over the Phone

  • Scheduled For 2 - 2.5 Hours

  • Scheduled in Advance

  • Paid For In Advance

  • All Payments Billed via PayPal

  • Not Recorded - clinet welcome to record

Pricing & Payment

The price for 4-weekly sessions is $500. Appointments are scheduled and paid for in 4-week blocks. 

All payments billed & processed

 via PayPal

One-Time Appointments are $175

When your first appointment is scheduled you will be billed $75 to hold your place. Then you will be billed $100 two days prior to your scheduled appointment. The $75 is

NON-refundable if you no-show or cancel your appointment.

First appointment is paid for in advance at the price of $175.  Then at the end of the first appointment if both you and Wendy feel that working together is a good fit then you will be billed for the additional $325 to cover the

4-session price.

You will be billed via email through PayPal after we agree and schedule our first appointment and then every

4 weeks after that.


PayPal accepts all major credit cards

and bank transfer.

Please be aware that Wendy is not always available to take on new clients. Since each client appointment is

2 - 2.5 hours per week it doesn't leave a lot of space in the week. Please don't be discouraged, complete the form and Wendy will let you know how soon she can work with you. Hopefully, it will be perfect timing and a spot will be available. 


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We will contact you via email within 48 hours to either arrange an appointment or let you know how soon Wendy has an opening to take a new client. 

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