Answers to Common Questions

As a Spiritual Life Coach Does Wendy Teach Religion?

Wendy does not teach religion, she teaches Spirituality which is very different from religion. Spirituality is your personal relationship with yourself and finding your own path to your Authentic-Self.

Religion is teaching a doctron that is obeyed by its followers. 

Here is an article that makes it easy to understand the difference

Can Wendy Forcast

My Future?

Even though some people think that Spirit will give guaranteed information about a their future that is not true. Humans have the right of free choice (will) and that is always in play so no one, even Spirit, is capable of predicting exactly what a human's choice will be in any given situation. Spirit will, however, give possibilities, and explain how it is up to you, the human, to create what you will with them.

Much of what you will be learning is Universal Spiritual Principles and how they work and how best to apply them to your life. The above point about Free Choice (Free Will) is one of those principles.

Does Wendy Work Mostly with Religious Related Topics?

Absolutely Not! The main topic Wendy works with is LIFE. And, that covers literally every topic, from not being comfortable with relationships, Mom/Dad issues, sexual relationships, self-esteem and self-worth issues, dealing with abuse, restating life after a tragic situation, and the list goes on.

What a client seea as "the issue" is likely not what Spirit is going to see as the issue and the topics grow exponentially from there. Spirit leads the conversation, gives guidence, and opens up the topics to new points of view. Which catches new clients off guard when they never considered certain things to be part of the overall issue. But, it is always right when Spirit brings it up, 

I Grew Up in a Religion That I Don't Feel Comfortable With

While you might feel like the odd person out you are truly in good company, that senario represents the largest percentage of client's over Wendy's two decades plus of doing this work. 

Wendy has worked with people who were raised in just about every different major world religion, including some very odd cults.

"It doesn't matter where you have been, it matters where you are headed and why you intend to get there" is what Wendy says about helping people who want to move away from the restrictions they see with the religious training they had as a child. 

Is Wendy A Liberal?

Wendy lives a liberal lifestyle. If this way of life is offensive to you in anyway then you are not meant to work together. That should not be taken as any kind of insult or judgement, because it isn't. 

One of the first thing that Spirit always teaches is that there are different teachers for each type of person and if you find yourself working with a teacher/coach that doesn't feel right to you then they are not meant for you. That is actually a Spiritual Law, so there is no reason to be upset by it.

There is a teacher for you out there if Wendy isn't right for you. And since you found this website if you keep looking you will find the teacher/coach who will match your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

How Do I Arrange To Work

with Wendy?

All of the details about that are found on the Appointments page

But, there are a few things that you should know. First, Wendy's appointments are 2 - 2.5 hours in length weekly, and a commitment of 6-months to a year minimum is required because this type of lifestyle change takes practice and coaching.  Most people continue working past that point. 

Since the appointments are so long it means that Wendy has a VERY limited number of spaces available for clients, her maximum is 6 regular clients at any one time. So, there is sometimes a waiting list and sadly, Wendy has to say that she doesn't think there will be an opening for a new client for many months. 

However, Spirit always has a way of finding the right way to make things work, so do not worry, if you are meant to work with Wendy then it is going to happen because Spirit is her scheduling manager - stuff just seems to happen at the exact right time.

Does Wendy Teach

About Angels?

Absolutely! Teaching about Angels, and how they work with us and also developing your intuitive skills is a major part of Wendy's work, and one of her favorite parts.

Is Wendy Psychic?

Wendy describes herself as Intuitive. Which means that she recieves direct messages from those on the Otherside. She uses this connection to help guide her clients and help them understand how Spirit is suggesting that they see a situation.  

Does Wendy Just Answer Questions That I Ask?

Nope, not at all, in fact, within the first 10 minutes of chatting with Wendy you will discover that you are already getting guidance from Spirit. It may come in the form of statements, suggestions or whatever Spirit feels is necessary. 

On your first appoint you are asked to prepare a list of questions and have them with you, but do not focus on them and do nor ask them until you are asked neat the end if there is anything else that you want to cover. Because Spirit will have weaved in the answers to all (or almost all) of your questions during the conversation.

Will I Be Learning New Things?

Yes, but technically no. Yep, that is very confusing,the information that Wendy brings to your attention is in about 95% situations information that you already know at a deep, personaly level. However, you are not able to access it, for many possible reasons, in your conscious life. 

Most people tell Wendy that the information that she provided has helped them validate things that they were afraid to trust because they didn't know where the information had come from.

Does Wendy Do One-Time Appointments?

Rarely, the way Spirit works through Wendy is to teach via an on-going manor, building on a concept from week to week. Spirit also gives homework and wants to discuss the results that you had in order to help you learn and grow from your expierences. 

Most clients work with Wendy for at least a year, some for several years. They continue to grow and feel accomplished the whole time.

Wendy requires a minimum of an 6 month commitment. 

Ocasionally, Wendy will do do a one-time consultation, usually from a referral situation. which pretty much always turns into a long term relationship.

Does Wendy Teach

Christian Values?

No, Wendy does not teach Christian viewpoints, or any other religion's viewpoints. Wendy teaches Universal Laws and Viewpoints, whch by the way are found within the structure of all major religions. 

The difference is that when you understand the Universal Law and make the choose how you are going to view it and incorporate it into your life it feels peaceful, honest and truly yours. Rather than having to believe a point of view just because someone told you that is how it has been done for centuries.

The answer is sort of yes, but the Universal Laws are without quilt, shame, judgement and all those other things that most people had trouble with in religion. It becomes you in a direct relationship with Spirit (God or whatever name you prefer) without the middle-man telling you what to think and feel.

Can I Work With Wendy

Face to Face?

Wendy works with English Speaking people Worldwide. Wendy only speaks English. 


She occasionally has clients who are local but still does phone appointments with them, even if they live down the block. 

Wendy has had many occasions where a client will fly in to meet her and she is very excited to spend the day with someone who has come to town, they can do some work together, in the client's hotel room, have dinner, whatever, but it is not the same as a regular appointment.

When Wendy "goes to work" with a client on an appointment she is not in her normal state of consciousness. In order to be able to deliver the messages of Spirit Wendy has to be in an altered state of consciousness. It is extremely dangerous for her to drive directly after doing an appointment which is why she only does appointments in a safe environment where she doesn't have to drive afterward.

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